7 Awesome Benefits of Doing a Group Tour in India

A lot of first-time visitors prefer to do a group tour in India. This incredible country can be a bit overwhelming to explore on your own even it isn’t your first visit. Fortunately, there are several amazing international group tour packages you can choose from.

You will find various domestic group tour packages offering you the chance to explore even the remotest parts of India. Pick a good package depending on the places you wish to see here. In case you are still unsure if group tour in India is the right choice for you, we’ve listed some of its many incredible benefits to help you decide.

Top reasons to book a group tour in India:

Most of the group tours in India include a tour leader, accommodation, transport, and a few activities. Choose a group tour in India depending on the type of adventure you wish to have here.

There are group trips for singles in India as well. Solo female travelers also have the option to join some of the most amazing women’s travel groups in India. Once that’s done, grab a couple of cheap last minute flights and be on your way! Here are some amazing reasons why you should book a group tour in India.

1. It’s easier than going it solo

One of the best things about group tours is that you have everything already charted out for you – accommodation, sightseeing trips, food, and certain additional activities. Just land up at the starting point and everything else will be taken care of from here on.

You will not have this advantage when traveling solo wherein you’ll have to plan everything out by yourself. Many first-timers book international group tour packages from Delhi as they wish to explore the capital first and then head elsewhere.

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2. Safety is better in a group

This one is especially for women travelers. A lot has been said about women’s safety in India. But to be honest, India is as safe as any other place in the world. All you need to do is take the necessary safety precautions you would anywhere else and you’re good to go.

That being said, you will feel much safer when traveling in a group as opposed to exploring such a vast country on your own. This is one of the top reasons why a group tour in India is much better than going it solo.

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3. You have the advantage of a local tour guide

Perhaps the best reason to take a group tour in India is that it comes with an all-knowing local tour guide. Say, for instance, you’ve decided to go with one of the group tour packages from Hyderabad.

Your guide will tell you inside secrets about the remarkable historical landmarks you will visit. On the other hand, if you visited these stunning palaces, forts, and other monumental places on your own, you wouldn’t be privy to this amazing information. Group tour packages from Pune, Chennai, and Mumbai are popular as well.

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4. Local transport is a convenient option

One of the really cool things about a group tour in India is that you will get to experience different types of local transport. Transport choices range from public buses and trains to auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws. Ride like the locals, easy and cheap.

You may find some of the transport a bit too chaotically crowded for your taste (read buses and trains), but the experience will be well worth it. You can cross off riding public transport in India off your checklist of insane but cool things to do.

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5. It’s unbelievably affordable

Many travelers don’t book business class flights even if they can afford to just because they wish to save a bit to travel in India. When you book a group tour in India, you won’t have to make such compromises.

You can choose group tours that book stays in budget hostels and use a mix of local as well as private transport. You will already have paid for everything and will just need to spend on whatever additional/optional activities you wish to explore.

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6. There are additional activities to be enjoyed

This is one of the best things about taking group tours anywhere and not just in India. You will have additional activities already organized for you. For instance, if you’ve booked a group tour in India that begins or crosses Mumbai at some point, your tour will organize for you to watch a Bollywood movie.

Other destinations will offer other things. You can go on group treks in Manali, take a cooking class in Kerala, or enjoy river rafting on the Kundalika River.

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7. You have plenty of freedom to do as you please

Many of you may argue that group tours take away the freedom of exploring a place on your own terms. While it may be true that you can’t go off on your own, it’s also true that you will be taken to see places you agreed upon when signing up.

That being said, there is plenty of personal time offered even when you book a group tour in India. Travelers are often given the option to do as they please during their ‘personal time.’ However, since most group tours consist of few people, many prefer to do things together. So when you next book cheap flights to India , take a chance on group tours.

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