Why Holi Celebration in India is So Popular | All You Need to Know

Holi is one of the most popular festivals of India. The festival is a sign of victory of Good over Evil and people celebrate this festival with love and build strong relationships with each other. Holi festival is celebrated in most cities of India with lots of fervor and joy. They play with colors and share the love with each other.

There are too many fun activities too during Holi celebration in India. People throw natural colored powder and water on each other’s faces and greets everyone with smiley faces. There are so many interesting reasons to come and celebrate the Holi festival in India so, let us tell you that why Holi festival is so popular in India and what so special in this delightful colorful festival?

Holi Celebration in India! Why Travel India for Holi?

#1 Holi Festival comes with perfect weather

As we know that Holi is celebrated to welcome the spring season in India and it the spring season is the best time to be outdoors. It is the time when Indian peoples say a happy Bye to Winter season, welcome the spring season and get ready for the warmth.

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#2 Colors Everywhere

Holi festival in India is a delightful celebration of colors where people celebrate this festival with different types of colored powders and water. If you are going to visit India during the Holi festival, you will see everything gets painted with different colors that will make your eyes shocked. You will see people around you playing with colors and dancing on roads.

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Holi Celebration in India

#3 Everyone Feels Like a Kid

During the Holi celebration in India, you will see every person drenching in colors like a child does when he paints something. The view of every street will make you crazy when you will see these crazy mature kids playing Holi.

#4 Watergun Fights

When you will visit India during Holi festival, you will see the kids or even adults fighting with water guns. Usually, they fill their water guns with colored water and shoot them on each other during Holi celebration in India. A water gun fight during Holi festival is the most fun activity you will ever see in India.

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#5 Water balloon Wars

Nothing can beat the fun of throwing colored water balloons on each other during Holi celebration in India. In most of the cities, kids start these water balloon fight a week prior than the actual Holi celebration. So if you are in India during Holi then be careful with these types of devilhood kids.

Holi Celebration in India

#6 Marihuana Drinks

Holi celebration in India is incomplete without taking Marihuana drinks. Marihuana drink is made by Marihuana leaves which is called “Bhang” in regional language and it is available everywhere during Holi festival in India.

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#7 Holi Parties Everywhere

Isn’t it cool when you see everyone painted in many different colors and dancing on loud music? Holi is the only festival in India where people get painted in different types of colors and be a part of most amazing Holi parties in different regions of India.

#8 Everyone is a Friend

Holi in India is a festival of forgetting and forgiveness and building new relationships with each other. On this festival, animes also turn into friends and play Holi together. Peoples meets their animes too, bless them with Holi greets and shower them with some colors. 

Holi Celebration in India

#9 Everyone Wants to Get Drunk

Most of the people during the Holi festival get drunk and enjoy the celebration with their friends. So if you also have such intentions during Holi festival then take it at your own risk. 

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#9 Sharing Sweets with Each Other

During the Holi festival in India, Every home consumes the fragrance of food and sweets. Gujiya is the most famous dessert During Holi and it is one of the delicious sweets you will ever taste during this festival.

#10 A Satisfying Shower after Playing Holi All Day

Taking shower after playing Holi all day is one of the best showers of the year for some peoples. It is impossible to remove all the colors in the first shower but taking it 2-3 times is the most amazing feeling they have.

Holi Celebration in India

So these are all reasons for why Holi celebration in India is the most amazing thing and why this festival is so special for Indians. You can also check images of Holi celebration 2018 and feel the awesomeness of the delightful festival of India. If you liked the article then tell your experience about Holi celebration in the comment section below.

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